Medical I.D. Emergency Data Card
The Medical I.D. Emergency Data Card or Key Chain is a plastic wallet card or plastic key chain containing your personal medical data and is an essential part of Everyday Life and Death Situations. In case of an emergency, the card or key chain is easily read by others without being magnified. Any medical data that might help an emergency medical team or doctor act faster should be on your card, such information consists of Present Ailments and Conditions, Disorders you may have, Medications your Allergic to, Medications you are taking, and so on. If you are ill or in an accident, it's all there…
no phone numbers to call as with I.D bracelets. Emergency care begins at once to…

                                                                                          …Save Your Life!

There are two types of MED-READY  I.D.'s available. The first is a plastic laminated card that can be carried in a wallet. The other is a 3 x 2 Plastic Key Chain, perfect for joggers, children or anyone who doesn't carry a wallet, which can be attached to your clothing, via a zipper
or belt loop, or used to keep your keys on.
Wallet ID Card
Key Chain ID
What do you think? Doesn't it sound like these Medical I.D. Emergency Data Cards are an Important thing to have? Don't Hesitate! Order Some Today & Protect Your Family

**In The Case Of An EMERGENCY!**
**It Could Mean The Difference Between LIFE and DEATH**
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**The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Need In An Emergency**
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